A web series written & produced by two Chicago-based women.

Heather Abbott and Breanna Benedict met in England while they were studying abroad and had a dream to have their own Netflix Original. Instead of waiting around for Hollywood to call, they created their own show. 

Meet Hailey and Bianca, two unlikely friends brought together by an unconventional living situation.

The first and second seasons are now available to stream on Youtube!



Apartment 101 was featured in The Shut-in’s Guide to Winter in the December 2018 issue of the Chicago Magazine. You can read the online version here.

Apartment 101 was selected to be in the Bentwood Comedy Festival at iO Theatre in Chicago. It was featured in the Comedy Web Series screening. 

Season Two


Minisode One

Hailey procrastinates before an important deadline.

Minisode Two

Genevieve questions her routine.

Minisode Three

Bianca meets with her literary agent, but is distracted by a dating app.

Minisode 4

Margo records an episode of her podcast.

Minisode 5: Tonya

Tonya answers a question.



Episode 201: Foolproof Plan

In the season two premiere, Hailey helps Tonya prepare for her engagement party, while Bianca is on the hunt for a date.

Episode 202: It Had To Be You

Tonya & Chuck’s Engagement Party has got Bianca’s mind stuck in the past. Hailey spends some time with her sister.

Episode 203: The Eleventh Hour

Margo prepares for the start of her podcast tour while Bianca and Mike reconnect. Hailey and Claire indulge in some sibling rivalry.

Episode 204: Next Stop, Milwaukee

Hailey, Bianca, and Claire go on purposeful road trip. Tonya and Genevieve hold auditions for wedding bands.

Episode 205: A Haunting in Illinois

There's something strange in Hailey and Bianca's neighborhood. Meanwhile, Margo is back in Chicago for the final stop on her podcast tour.

Episode 206: Friday Night, Date Night

Bianca gets closer to Mike. Tonya faces her parents. Genevieve's musical connection to Timothee strengthens. Margo attends a mixer. Hailey tries casual dating.

Episode 207: Shroomsgiving

Everyone could really use a break. Luckily, Kevin and Chris know the perfect escape.

Episode 208: All Hands on Deck

The semester is ending for Hailey and she leans on her friends for support. Bianca attends her first book signing.

Episode 209: Tonight’s the Night

Hailey and Bianca host a guest. Tonya makes final preparations for her wedding.

Episode 210: Mr. & Mrs. Miles

When Tonya and Chuck’s wedding doesn’t go according to plan, Hailey and Bianca step in to save the day.

Bonus Content

Genevieve’s Guru Guide

Deep within the archives, we have uncovered a rare self-produced VHS by the one and only, Genevieve Grey. Back when she was still living the zoga lifestyle, she tried her hand at a series of motivational meditations and we are happy to bring you this never before seen video. Breathe in. Breathe out. Enjoy.

Margo’s Morgue - Chicago Live Show

A very special live episode of the hit true crime podcast, Margo's Morgue.

Season One


Season One Trailer

Professional From Here Up Productions presents a new web series about friendship, identity, and tiny apartments.

Creator Q&A

Heather Elaine Abbott and Breanna Benedict sit down with Nicky Quiles to answer all your questions about season one of Apartment 101.


Episode One

Hailey hastily finds a new apartment online and steps into a world of cramped corners and chaos.

Episode Two

After a night of drinking, Bianca wakes her roommates for a raucous chat. 

Episode Three

Truth or dare, anyone? Bianca, Hailey, and Margo indulge in some late night games.

Episode Four

Hailey finally gets a glimpse of the ethereal roommate, Genevieve, when Bianca turns to her for advice.

Episode Five

During their continuous pursuit of new experiences, Bianca and Hailey attend a beginner’s tap class. 

Episode Six

Bianca is eager to share the first draft of her novel with her parents on Thanksgiving.

Episode Seven

Dancing. Bathroom chats. Stolen kisses. It's gonna be a wild night.

Episode Eight

Hailey has a very bad day. 

Episode Nine

Hailey is late for the tour of a potential apartment with Bianca.

Episode Ten

It has been three weeks since Hailey and Bianca have seen each other. The rest of the roommates stage an intervention.

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